Cydweithio, Creu a Chyflawni

Welcome to Ysgol Dyffryn Yr Enfys

Our central principle is to seek to maximise the talents of all pupils and to affirm each pupil's self-esteem and worth. We believe strongly in experiential learning and that the children are at the heart of this. We are a happy, inclusive, caring school that wants to develop our children into creative, confident and enterprising individuals.

We value our pupils and believe that their time at school should be valuable and fulfilling.We will do everything we can to ensure that they leave us as happy and independent individuals who have enjoyed their learning and learning experiences here.

The voice of each individual is paramount here and a prominent part of the school's ethos. We develop the skills that all learners need to be able to look after themselves, to keep safe, to face life's challenges, and to enjoy learning. We are a school that provides education for children from a wide area in the Conwy Valley and we ensure that the children have opportunities to appreciate and celebrate their individual areas.We work closely with parents and carers to ensure that the children thrive and reach their full potential here at Ysgol Dyffryn yr Enfys

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