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It was lovely to  welcome the children in back after the summer holidays and we are already have had a busy month here !

Dosbarth Eigiau

Our new nursery children have settled down very well during their first weeks at school. They have been receiving sessions on the balance bikes and have succeed in going around our little track several times already. They have been performing the Colours of the Rainbow song and have learnt their colours in Welsh in ready. As part of their theme, they have been listening to the Owain and the dinosaurs go to the school story and one morning they arrived in class to see that the dinosaurs had also arrived and had left footprints on the classroom floor! Hopefully they will not be creating trouble for the staff and more mess in the weeks ahead– the dinosaurs of course and not the children!

  • Nursery Children receiving sessions on balance bikes

Dosbarth Crafnant

Dosbarth Crafnant have been investigating Picasso 's work and tried using the same techniques in drawings of themselves. They have been creating very colourful self-portraits. As part of their theme, they have been discussing their families and creating drawings and models from clay of their family. We have also welcomed new children to the class who have already made new friends!

  • Children in dosbarth crafnant learning about Picasso's work

Dosbarth Melynllyn

During the summer break some of the children have been completing Miss Griffiths' challenge – to grow a sunflower. We received several pictures of the flowers and some had grown very tall but Lucie’s was the tallest. They have also been creating self-portraits with a difference and have challenged their themselves and created very detailed. They have also has been asking questions about how the body works and these questions will be leading the learning in during the term.

Dosbarthiadau Dulyn a Geirionydd

The children have been learning about the local area and what is special about the area. They will be visiting Bryn Cowlyd Treatment Works and learning how our water is treated to enable us to drink it! They have also been learning about the body and the organs and in labelling their learning partners! Year 6 went to Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy for a taster day and they had day full of sports activities. While they were at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy Year 5 had a chance to collect apples and used their mathematics skills to sort them before asking Aunty Helen our cook to make us a tasty apple dessert. Year 5 have also been receiving cycling sessions and hopefully they will be confident to go use the road before the end of the month.

We were visited by Geth Tomos from Cerddamdani for a day and experienced a whole range of musical fun activities. The children participated enthusiastically with the drumming and dancing. Joe Lambe from a Chance to Shine has also been attending weekly and leading cricket sessions with Dosbarth Crafnant and Melynllyn and they have developed some excellent bowling and catching skills.

We will be having a fundraising Bingo night here on Wednesday, October 18th at 6:30pm and there will be a warm welcome for families, children and members of the community to join us.

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